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Customers satisfaction

4Springs Mobile Homes has over 20 years’ experience in the mobile home industry. Years in which we have strengthened our services, showgrounds and product range.

Today, we are a leader in Italy in the business of used mobile homes, over 15,000 square meters of exhibition areas located at Castelfiorentino (Florence) and Jesolo (Venice), with over 230 mobile homes on display! Each mobile home is carefully checked, by performing for each of due care and a widespread cleaning, offering our customers used mobile homes that have an almost new feel.
Also our service range is wide: from the search for emplacements, transport, installation, connections, modernization and refurbishment, restoration and maintenance, research to find mobile homes of brands, models and more on request.
This attention to detail and care to each mobile home, and professionalism of all the staff 4Springs and always well received by customers. We have pleasure in publishing below, omitting only the name for privacy, a letter received these days in reference to a mobile home located on a campsite in Carole (Venice), further proof of the satisfaction of our customers:

Dear Mr. Lombardi,
I wanted to call you personally, but unfortunately these days I could manage to do so.
I wanted to thank you for what you have managed to do for us.
You and your staff have done a great job, proving yourselves not only to be competent also very friendly and helpful.
Thanking you for your kind help and attention, we send you our best regards.
Signed letter

It is with great pleasure that we publish this short but precious testimony, confirming that the commitment that we employ in our work makes our customers satisfied!

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